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I am grateful for the empowering opportunity this visit granted to my students because they were really moved by the true story of survival, resilience, love, and bravery from Mr. Schonwetter. The next day we had a class discussion about it and their responses were overtaking, one student said, “I have to treasure my family and spend quality of time with them” another student said, “I have to live life to the fullest now that I have the chance.” For all the great reasons mentioned above, I am honored to recommend Mrs. Arnold and her father to interact with students/children at any learning setting. Mrs. Arnold has an excellent attitude and she surely has the students’ best interest at heart. I strongly believe that she is a great asset for any setting conducive for learning because at the end of the day students walk away with a life-changing experience. When one of my students asked her: “what do expect to get out of your book? Her earnest message was: to be respectful, be active learners, and productive members of society, people who stand up to always do the right thing like the people who helped her family during the Holocaust.


Yours truly,

Ana S.

History Teacher at Science Park High School - Newark, NJ

Bloomfield Middle School, NJ

InkedMya-South Street School Newark, NJ2

South Street School


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