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In just four years, the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation has received significant recognition, including coverage in reputable media outlets and through notable partnerships.

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Watch as founders Mark Schonwetter, Ann Arnold, and Isabella Fiske speak with Maria Shriver,

Al Roker and Shanielle Jones about their new foundation aimed at educating our youth.


The Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation has been named an official charity partner for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon, taking place November 5, 202

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Influencer Kaitlyn Herman @kaitcoachingthepod kicks off her second podcast season interviewing Mark Schonwetter about mental health and positivity.

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Influencer, Claudia Oshry @girlwithnojob interviews Mark Schonwetter " Judaism, Chanukah, miracles and Chanel bags. Mark had the most amazing energy, you’d never guess the horrors he witnessed at such a young age in Poland."


Watch Mark Schonwetter as a panelist at the Paley Center for Media as he discusses The Role of Education and Media In Combating Antisemitism

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CEO & President of The Colony Group, Michael Nathanson interviews Mark Schonwetter about his journey and his recent work educating schools about the Holocaust.

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Channel 12 news interviews Mark Schonwetter about the foundation created in his honor and how he educates through his story of survival.

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WCBS Newsradio 880 interviews Mark Schonwetter and Isabella Fiske about Journey For The Living

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Eyewitness News interviews Mark Schonwetter after the insurrection at the Capital and how education is needed

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Co-founders Ann Arnold, Isabella Fiske & Mark Schonwetter featured on Facebook Live with Michelle Charlesworth

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Jennifer Eby interviews Mark Schonwetter

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Listen as Ann Arnold is interviewed by Sean O'Rourke about the lessons the Holocaust can teach.

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Kindness Always Wins (0:50:35)

Listen as Mark and Lisa discuss kindness

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