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Mitzvah Project Challenge

Raise money for Holocaust education for your mitzvah!

JFTL Mitzvah Project Challenge

a Hebrew word that means good deed


Teens of Bar or Bat Mitzvah age, school/college clubs, sororities/fraternities, organizations, or companies.  Walk alone or start a team, either in-person, virtually, or both!


 JFTL Mitzvah Project Challenge is a perfect opportunity to do a good deed by raising money and building awareness for Holocaust education. Participants will sign up for their own unique Journey For The Living fitness challenge and commit to walk, run, or ride at least 15 miles in any month of your choosing. This represents the journey that Mark Schonwetter (a Holocaust survivor) walked as a young boy in one night, along with his sister and mother, to escape the Nazis.


Anyplace of your choosing.  JFTL Mitzvah Project is a challenge that you do on your time and in your community.


JFTL Mitzvah Project can be done any month of the year. You decide what month


The Mitzvah Project is a great way for teens and young adults to reflect on the dangers of unchecked hate and better understand the experiences of Holocaust survivors by figuratively “walking in their shoes. "The money raised goes directly to expand and support Holocaust Education Grants to teach anti-hate initiatives, respect, and kindness to students nationwide. By educating our youth on the darkest sides of history, we can teach them about the dangers of hate and empower them to shape a brighter future.



Participants will receive their own customizable fundraising website page that can be shared with friends and family to support their Journey. 

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#TakeTheJourney for your Mitzvah Project

Help us accomplish our vision to create a world where everyone is treated equally, with kindness and respect.

For more information email


To sign up, please complete the form, sign scan and return via email

Thank you for your interest in the JFTL Mitzvah Project! Your “good deed” will empower students nationwide with Holocaust education.

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