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The MSHE Foundation grant allows educators to teach their students about the Holocaust – empowering them to learn how the lessons of the past can lead to kindness, respect, and inclusion in our society today


Are you a teacher looking for funds to bring Holocaust education materials and programs into your classroom?

Then apply for a MSHEF Grant –
applications open August 2023.


  • Eligible to Apply Include: 4th to 12th Grade Teachers | Universities and Colleges | School Clubs and Organizations

  • Get notified when applications are available: Click here to be added to our mailing list


Examples of how to use the MSHEF Grant Money are below. Visit our resources page for more ideas!  

Stacked Books

Educational Materials


  • Books for the classroom

  • Learning through Art & Photography

  • Creation of Genocide Resource Center

Parked School Buses





  • Survivor Speaker for Assemblies

  • Virtual Survivor Visits into the classroom

  • Author Visit


Exhibits/Special Events

  • Traveling Museum Exhibits

  • Film Screenings

Who is eligible?

4-12th grade Educators

Universities and Colleges

School clubs and organizations

See the impact education has made!

Grant Applications

Our Grants run on a school calendar year.   

To apply for 2023-24 grant, complete the Grant Application Information Form to be notified when applications are available.

Thank you to all the teachers, schools and organizations for your continued dedication to teaching the lessons of the Holocaust.

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